Monday, September 22, 2008

I (and many others) am SOOOO EXCITED that it is finally getting a little colder around here.. especially since my FAVORITE type of shoes are boots.. I love them so much that I wear them all year round.. With that being said.. I'd like to introduce you all to my new (and affordable) boots! Just recently purchased and I could not believe that I found them at payless of all places. 

I plan on wearing these with my fall lazy outfit of leggings, white-t, cardigan and scarf. Especially for those mornings when you just don't have time to think about getting dressed before school.

I am thinking of trying to make a list of my essential fall purchases. So far this list includes lots of boots (in particular a motorcycle boot with lots of zippers) , a new leather jacket, thigh high socks in red, oversized comfy scarves, and lots of soft and comfy t-shirts and tanks for layering. And also lots of new jewelry. 

Another one of my recent favorite purchases is this black studded watch from F21. 

This is the first watch I have ever bought/worn. I'm more of a bracelets kind of girl but when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect to blend and stack with other bracelets.

What are some of the things on your list of essential fall purchases? Tell me just in case I missed something! :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New kicks

Hey guys. It's been a while since i've blogged on this thing. This summer has been so busy. Catching up with friends, keeping the boyfriend happy, and getting ready to start my first quarter at FIDM. I am soooo nervous. A and I are both starting this fall. We have no idea what to expect. I think for the first year we'll be attending the Irvine campus since it's so close to home. Well anyways... I bought these new plaided vans over the weekend. The print reminds me of the classic Burberry print. And then I went to Urban Outfitters this afternoon and picked up a few things. I also stopped by Buffalo Exchange to see if there were any good finds and found the sweetest Stuart Weitzman pumps in excellente condition! They're a bright royal blue. Gives an exciting pop to any plain outfit. Can't wait to rock them this weekend. Oh yeah... VEGAS babyyy~ The boyfriend lives up there so i'm thinking I will visit him for a week or so. Can't wait :D

The color looks so dull in the pictures. They're a lot brighter in person.

They got dirty over the weekend. As you can see i've been wearing them a lot. They make a lot of my plain outfits look more interesting.


Monday, July 7, 2008


Hard fest is coming up real soon! If you guys haven't heard yet. Click here and check it out. Hopefully it'll be as fun as i'm expecting it to be. It's my first real concert thanggg. So excited :) I don't even know what to wear. I know I have like 2 more weeks to think one up but I feel like I should be extra prepared so that I don't panic on the day of. I have a huge habit of procrastinating. Need to fix that. I was thinking of getting AA's zip up one piece. Not sure what color though. Black or white? Any suggestions/ advice? As for the bottom I really need some acid wash jeans. I wanted the UO black ones but they're out of my size. Screwed. Hopefully i'll find a pair at the store or somethin'.

As for the shoes... i'm guessing I should wear something real comfortable. I'll probably be standing the whole time. 9pm to 4am. My feet would def die in heels. I'm thinking i'll wear a pair of my nike blazers. I actually used to collect sneakers... gay, I know. I got over it though. I used to really be into streetwear hence the sneaker collections. haha Anways if anyone can give me some ideas/advice on outfits to things like this, it would be so helpful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sorry we've been m.i.a. these past few weeks. You know how it goes.. life just got in the way for a bit. But we are BACK and ready for action! As a sorry for our absence, we did a little photoshoot for you guys!

Dress- H&M, Boots- thrifted (borrowed from CC), Sunglasses- F21

I know everyone has this dress but I still love it. Brings out the Asian in me. :) Don't you guys just love the scenery? It's CC's Jungle(backyard) haha. We used to always want to play outside but there wouldn't be anything to do. Now we know that it's PERFECT for impromptu photoshoots. We are also currently in the process of finding new locations around town but it's hard to find places where people won't spot us and ask us what we're doing (with that look on their face if you know what i mean). Oh well, just a price to pay for good photos! :)

hat-UO, top-WESC, shoes sunglasses bangles-f21

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the WESC store in LA for some "tank top thingy" he wanted. I ended up copying him and getting the same thing! I really like WESC. I went to their sample sale a few months back. I regret not getting more things. I love how all their things are very clean and simple. AC and I went to the mall today. Haven't been there in ages!!! We went to the mall to look for a fedora for AC. And I ended up buying these Nine West imitations from For Love 21. $24!!! I really wanted the black ones for Nine West but whatever gets the job done. And they're a fraction of the price! Oooh and AC also purchased a new pair of shoes. They're "stud-tastic!!!" as AC calls them. She'll be posting pics of those later. So keep an eye out!


Monday, June 16, 2008

A thrifting we will go!

And thrifting we went! 

Hey guys! We hope everyone had a great Father's Day! We both did despite the fact that AC was suffering from a mysterious illness.  She was sick for a good 4 days! We were trying to guess what could have caused it.  We thought maybe tomatoes? Too much partying? And then we came to the conclusion that it had to be shopping withdrawals!! She was feeling sick until we thoroughly thrifted through Savers.  We had two shopping carts full of treasures! It was hard to narrow it down but we finally came to a decision. The moral of our story is.. shopping cures all. Hehe we're just joking.. or are we? :)


This dress is actually AC's but the bag is a vintage Chanel that I found at a Goodwill Store. Probably not real but, hey! Until I can afford an authentic one I am so very satisfied!
I love Savers!! I think it's the greatest thrift store! I know it's definitely the cleanest and it's the biggest thrift store around our neighborhood. And it is also where I found this dress.  This "dress" is actually a long skirt worn as a dress.  The print is what actually caught my interest. I love the colors with the black and white thin stripes.  I paired it with a belt I found at Goodwill The buckle is just gorgeous, I think.
I also got these shoes. I've been wanting a pair just like 'em. So score!! :)
This romper is from U.O. It was on sale for about $28. I like that its wide legged. The fabric is so light and perfect for the hot summer. Keeps me nice and cool!

Forever 21 fringe bag. I wish the straps were longer though.  I'll have to do something about it! 

Today was also my first day of summer school. (gay i know huh) So to make myself feel better, I decided to do a little early morning project by cutting up this HUGE t-shirt from AA into this little grecian style dress. It's still a little rough around the edges. A work in progress I guess you could say. I wore it with a slip underneath and a brown belt thrifted from Goodwill. And also my purse of the moment from Topshop. (another one of my london buys)
These are the sandals I wore with them that my mom bought me from previous trips to Spain. 10 points to whoever can guess what is odd about this picture. (besides my toes guys! dont look at those!!!!! ) (i'm toe conscious. hahahha)
Here are a few more things that I got today from Savers (my favvv place to thrift). This black vest and the black shoes were only 99 cents EACH! Such a steal!!! As for the top, I'm just wearing that "grecian dress" as a shirt with my UO shorts and thrifted belt. 
My last few purchases here are a batwing cardigan, this awesome purple skirt and beige ostrich skin belt. It is kind of difficult to show you guys the batwing. I'm thinking of altering the beginning of the sleeve tighter to exaggerate the batwing a little more. What do you guys think? And also this purple skirt is one of my favorite finds out of all of them. I just love the color and the material. It reminds me of grape candy. :) The belt is also really pretty but I didn't get to take a closer picture of it. Next time!

That was our monday thrifting! We're thinking about making it a weekly ritual seeing as how Saver's has a 99 cent sale every monday. If you guys are planning on going, Mondays are the days to go!

Until next time,

edit: okay so the thing about the silver sandals is that.. i lost one of the straps so i had to use a different gold one. haha but seeing as no one noticed i guess its okay! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Skirt = Dress

I went thrifting a few days back and found a highwaisted skirt in the coolest color with star prints all over it! Bad news... it's a size 16. I'm a size 4 or 6 so this was definitely wayyyy too big. So for the past few days i've been experimenting with it. I cut and sewed it and somehow it turned into a dress, skirt, & top. I dont have the original picture but let me show you some pictures to show you the jist of it.


This is the skirt as a dress. To get here I just cut the skirt in half. Turned the bottom half into a bubble top. Then I used the top part as the bottom half of the dress.
It even has pockets! I really love dresses with pockets. They're so handy.
So this is the dress without the bottom half. Worn just as a top.
I can also transform the top into a mini bubble skirt.

This skirt was definitely worth the 4 bucks :)


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

home sweeeet home

It's good to be back homee! haha even though Barcelona and London was so much fun, I like to be sleeping in my own bed if you know what I mean. Anyways, here are a few of the outfits i've been wearing lately as well as a few pictures from my trip. 
dress-primark, belt- mom's closet, shoes- santee

So while shopping in Harrods in London, I stumbled across my CHANEL BICYCLE. It's only my dream bike. When I saw it I kneww I had to at least take a picture with it. Good thing we got one in before we started getting yelled at because apparently, you are not allowed to take pictures with it. hehe:)

jacket from old navy- $30, fringe boots- $140, chanel bike- $12000, me and my dream bike- PRICELESS!! :)
(haha i know that was lame.)

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we got to see the Wedding Exhibition hosted by Pronovias and Swarovski. It was soooooo beautiful. It was a collaboration between a whole bunch of designers and Swarovski (i cant remember which designer did which piece). Anyway here are a few of my favorites.

And here's what I wore to the event.
Jumper and Sunglasses- F21, Belt- Ferragamo, Shoes- Old Navy

Anyways, seeing CC's interpretation of the SJP dress inspired me to try to make my own. Although I don't have a pink dress, I thought that this outfit could give me my fix until I could find one of my own.
dress- H&M, belt- CK, shoes- F21

thats all for now! :)