Wednesday, May 28, 2008


AC is off to Europe!!! I can't wait to see all her pictures and buys. Well anyways I've thought of starting an Ebay store! But its so confusing! I can't start the actual store till I recieve 20 points in feedback so till then I will just have to sell items using a regular account. I've started to take some pictures but it's so difficult taking them by myself! So please dont mind the quality. When AC returns we'll have better pictures :) I don't want to ruin the surprise but heres a little peak of some of the things i've bought for my future store!

starting from right to left: 1. vintage summer dress, 2. vintage hippie embroidered slouch tunic/top, 3. vintage mexican embroidered mini dress. 4. navy blue embroidered top and highwaisted black skirt, 4. navy sailor romper dress

What do you guys think? I love shopping at thrift/vintage stores and I always find great things to buy but never end up wearing them. So I thought why not fullfill this urge to buy these things and then sell them to people who will actually wear them. Hopefully this works out. And if anyone knows how to add extra pictures on ebay without having to pay for each additional photo please let me know!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27

The weather here in CA has been out of control. As you guys might of heard, theres been tornados, floods, thunderstorms. Anyways, here are some outdoor shots we took before this madness. We love the Summer!

fedora, tanktop, denim shorts-U.O., boots-vintage

dress, sunglasses, headband - F21

-AC & CC

Monday, May 26, 2008


I am so excited becausee in a few short days.. im going to be off to Europe(barcelona, london, paris)! :) but of course with the coming of travels like this comes the dread of PACKING. :( so any suggestions on what kind of outfits to wear? and also if any of you are familiar with the shopping over there! haha please help! i've never been. :) thanks!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

may 22

Hey everyone, as promised, here are my purchases as well as some of cc's too. We had a mini photoshoot to show you guys (we're photoshop newbies so dont mind it). :) So first, here are mine.

skirt-AA, bag-H&M, sunglasses & sandals- some random stand at Santee Alley

I've had my eye on this skirt for a while but wasn't sure how it would look on me. I tried it on a bunch of times before but never bought it until CC convinced me that it didn't look bad on me. The bag I was really iffy about but decided that if I didn't purchase it that day, it would be gone forever and I would regret it. Well it's a reallyy good thing that I bought it because it is my new FAVORITE purse. :) It's always the perfect something to boost up my outfit without looking like I'm trying too hard. love it! :) I know the sandals are nothing new, but for $20 I had to. It was such a deal. And I was due for a new brown pair anyway.

jacket and leggings- AA, sandals-Forever 21

I've been looking at these leggings for a while as well. I had bought a pair earlier this year but returned them thinking that it would be too hard to pair with in an outfit but as I saw more and more pictures of other people wearing them, it became clear that they go with almost anything. Also the jacket was just a basic that I needed. You can never get too much AA. And now on to the sandals. So all of my friends know that I LOVE fringe, feathers and basically anything Native American inspired. So when CC pointed out these sandals at F21 it was basically my dream come true. I have my other fringe boots but since summer is coming I knew that I needed a pair of sandals that had the fringe. There were a few contenders but this one was the clear winner.
Here are some of CC's latest vintage purchases. It's always hard to go and rummage through everything. It definitely takes patience but we always come out with some good stuff.

jacket, tunic, purse - thrifted
The denim jacket I got a while back and it seroiusly is one of the best things for this summer. It goes with just about anything. I got it for $7 and it was more than worth it. As for the animal print tunic, I love the fact that you can dress it up with some nice pumps and sheer tights or wear it casually (as done above). The messenger bag was another great find. It goes with anything and it fits all my junk whether it be for school or going out.

fringe vest, boots - thrifted
I am in love with this leather fringe vest. It looks black but its actually navy blue. It would go great with a vintage t-shirt and leggings or shorts. There was one problem though, I thought the fringes were a bit too long for my height. So I was thinking about giving them a little trim. What do you guys think? As for my boots, they're actually from Nine West. Awesome find right? haha well until next time.
-AC & CC

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

finals suck. :(

I should definitely be studying right now.. but first a quick mini update. This past weekend, CC and I made our way down to LA for some AA, Beverly center and Santee. (more updates on purchases later) It was my first time at Santee and I'm sad to say that it was too hot to take advantage. I did come out of it with some new sunglasses and sandals. 

This weekend also made us realize how much we LOVE american apparel. Because no matter what, you can never get enough. haha not only can you get every item, but there is always at least 5 other colors you can choose from. I ended up getting a brown skirt, black lame leggings and a pepper grey zip up hoodie. 

At Beverly Center, we did a quick run through of H&M and Forever 21. While H&M was thoroughly disappointing (clothing wise) I purchased an awesome studded bag. Forever 21 was usual chaos but I did pick up the cutest fringe sandals that CC picked out for me. I had been looking for something like these for a while and the H&M ones were just not cutting it for me. I did like the ones from Urban Outfitters but just never got around to ordering them. The F21 ones were just fate i guess. 

Anyways, I will close this post with promises of pictures from all the purchases as well as outfit posts as soon as finals are over. Back to studying.. :(


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Debut

So here is our very first official post. But before we start we would like to give you guys a quick little introduction. Hi, we are AC & CC. We are two girls trying to share our very different perspective and dimensions of fashion through a blog. And hopefully to inspire those who fancy our individuality. We also hope to recieve opinions from other great minds(you) to see what we might be lacking or if there is any excessiveness that we should lose. So bring on the comments, love or hate, we will appreciate. It's great to be an open-minded person. Especially when it comes to style. - AC & CC

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Finallyy!! We've been talking about making this blog for so long, and we're FINALLY starting. This blog is going to be about all things we love. Fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, all of the above.. More to come soon!