Monday, June 9, 2008

Sex and the City

okay so.. I know a lot of you guys have been saying that the movie was no good.. but of course it didn't stop me from watching it! hehe and I have to say that i reallyyy liked it. I admit it was a little slow in the middle, but there were definitely some good parts in there. And of course, some awesome outfits. One that keeps popping up in my mind is the outfit that Carrie was wearing while shopping at DVF.

 I think I drooled a little when she came out in that one. With the studded belt those cute pearls. Anyways, this made me want a studded belt of my own. 
So I found this one on ASOS but of course, it's sold out. :( Does anyone know where I can get a belt similar? 

Another thing I've been drooling over from the movie are Carrie's Dior Extreme Sandal. You know something is HOTT when Pat Field uses it on Carrie for at LEAST 4 outfits in the movie. 

I also liked this outfit but I'm kind of not big on fur. But the dress was amazing. Now of course I'm no Carrie Bradshaw so buying those shoes would be a bit of a challenge. Luckily for me, Steve Madden and Bakers also has versions of this shoe. 

(left-Steve Madden, right- Bakers)
I'm not sure yet which one I'll be purchasing. While I do like the Steve Madden one's heel shape better, I'm leaning towards the Bakers one because the leather is more simple and the price is cheaper. I'll have to see them in person and the Steve Madden ones are not out yet. 
I also think that this movie changed my perspective on pearl necklaces. Before this, I thought of them as either prim and proper or Material Girl Madonna. But I think I'm going to be trying them out as a more casual accessory. I'll let you know how it goes! 


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Andy said...

Yeah, She wore amazing outfit.
I really like the Steve Madden's shoes! :-)
check my blog !


Sharon Rose said...

I absolutely adored the film-it did no wrong where I was concerned!! I can't wait to get it on DVD now!! BTW, love both the shoes-I suppose there will be a massive rush to get them though!!

Anonymous said...

I'm off to see the movie tonight! Can't wait :) Those shoes are to die for! Let me know which ones you choose

AJ said...

Get the bakers :) remotely close to the dior extremes :)