Tuesday, May 20, 2008

finals suck. :(

I should definitely be studying right now.. but first a quick mini update. This past weekend, CC and I made our way down to LA for some AA, Beverly center and Santee. (more updates on purchases later) It was my first time at Santee and I'm sad to say that it was too hot to take advantage. I did come out of it with some new sunglasses and sandals. 

This weekend also made us realize how much we LOVE american apparel. Because no matter what, you can never get enough. haha not only can you get every item, but there is always at least 5 other colors you can choose from. I ended up getting a brown skirt, black lame leggings and a pepper grey zip up hoodie. 

At Beverly Center, we did a quick run through of H&M and Forever 21. While H&M was thoroughly disappointing (clothing wise) I purchased an awesome studded bag. Forever 21 was usual chaos but I did pick up the cutest fringe sandals that CC picked out for me. I had been looking for something like these for a while and the H&M ones were just not cutting it for me. I did like the ones from Urban Outfitters but just never got around to ordering them. The F21 ones were just fate i guess. 

Anyways, I will close this post with promises of pictures from all the purchases as well as outfit posts as soon as finals are over. Back to studying.. :(



Anonymous said...

hey if this is audrey youre rite, finals do really suck. last time i went to old navy with colleen and told me to buy a dress(which was really lame), and a something... i forgot. well both of those really sucked. bye!

Anonymous said...

ok then aa im anonymoous too